The essential skills of our company rest in its capability to handle multi-discipline construction works such as:

  • Civil construction
  • Structural works.
  • Piping works
  • Instrumentation works

We are extremely well equipped to undertake project constructions as we are main- taining a specialized team for each discipline for Planning, Project control, Earth works, Concrete jobs, Structural erection, Equipment erection, Electrical works and In- strumentation works.

Our scope of expertise also extends to : Equipment alignment and turn over, Sand blasting and painting, Spool fabrication, Piping erection, Hydro testing, Re-instate- ment, Electrical grounding jobs, Cable tray erection, Conduit fixing, Lighting, Cable pull- ing, Electrical equipment erection, Termination, Stanchion fixing, Marshalling, Continui- ty checking, Loop checking, Punch list clearing and Pre-commissioning.

Civil Works

  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Cooling Tower
  • Fire Proofing Works
  • Underground Piping & Utilities
  • Road, Paving & Culverts
  • Landscaping & Irrigation
  • Site Preparation
  • Piling Works
  • Equipment Foundations
  • Elevated Structures
  • Pre-cast Structures
  • Tank Foundation

Steel Structures

  • Fabrication
  • Erection of Steel Structures for Pipe Racks
  • Process Building
  • Warehouse
  • Shelters
  • Equipment Structure
  • Conveyor Structure

Piping Works

  • Our piping section can undertake all sort of piping jobs
  • from fabrication to erection and testing of:

– Expansion Pipe Loop
– Around Equipment
– Above Ground
– Underground Piping


  • Insulation of Instruments
  • Insulation of Primary and Secondary Cables
  • Insulation of Scada Systems, PLC-DCS
  • Field Bus
  • Calibration
  • Loop Check
  • Conveyor Structure